Jared Leto — iTunes celebrity playlist 9/13/2005 (complete list)

1. UNKLE “Rabbit In Your Headlights”

Thom York collaborates with Unkle on a beautiful song…a beautiful video as well — directed by Jonathan Glazer — that has a man getting pummeled over and over by a car. Sick but captivating.”

2. Bjork “All is Full of Love”

Bjork is an amazing artist. Amazing song. Minimal. Haunting. Ethereal. She has one of the purest voices ever.”

3. Nine Inch Nails “Closer”

Great song to … uh … play at your high school prom. Part of an album that is a masterpiece of pain and desperation. And the textbook for thousands on how to succeed completely without compromise.”

4. Nirvana “Polly”

I heard it was recorded in a closet. If it wasn’t it sounds like it was. The dead room makes it seem like Kurt is alive and well and in our bedroom singing directly to us and sharing himself with us all.”

5. U2 “Bullet the Blue Sky”

Great beat. And bassline. And guitar. And vocal. Fuck. Great song. We’ve tried to cover it. Tried to rip it off. Doesn’t work. It’s too good. One of their darkest songs. Pure U2.”

6. The Cure “Fascination Street”

Atmospheric. Moody. Dark. Makes me want to put on lipstick and fishnets. Enough said.”

7. The Used “Own My Own”

We are touring with them right now and it’s been incredible. Great band. Amazing performers. Really good people. This song crushes me. So much emotion, desperation, and passion.”

8. The Police “Message in a Bottle”

We’ve been covering this song from time to time. It’s a classic. Very nostalgic for me. Incubus, who happens to be our friends, covered this song with Stuart Copeland and Andy Summers at a show in LA last Christmas. It was incredible.”

9. Johnny Cash “Hurt”

Heartbreaking. It’s a beautifully honest interpretation of Trent’s masterpiece.”

10. LOL. Yes, in a bit of self promotion … 30STM “Attack”

Fuck it. I had to put this here. It’s the first single off our new CD, A Beautiful Lie. We are very proud of it. I originally wrote this song while on tour on Lollapalooza. I had thrown it out several times but it eventually became not only the first song on our new CD but the first single off of this record. It’s a song about freedom.”

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